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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 17:36:04 PDT

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    Again, dual replies

    > [Garold L. Johnson]
    > IBIS, for example, might be a valuable structure for documenting
    > discussions even though it doesn t appear to work well for capturing
    > the discussion in real time.
    It works superbly in real time, with everyone in a room, and with a
    good moderator. Where it fails is online (at the moment).

    > In this case, the original input is historical, but the
    > restructured discussion is the desired end product....
    Jack Park wrote:
    > ...
    > my question: is it appropriate to mess with the original
    > flow of information, occasionally restructuring it through a de novo
    > presentation, perhaps adding commentary and so forth, or should one go
    > back and restructure original messages...
    My reply to both: the middle ground.

    The versioning system always makes it possible to recover the
    original conversation, and therefore trace the flow of ideas.

    But the top level view of the discussion must of necessity be
    one that has been reorganized for readability and understanding.

    And, OBTW, it is the node-level versioning of reorganizations
    (and the need to copy them to other points in the distributed
    network) that introduces the really big complexities.

    A system that starts with versioning capabilities can always
    have that capability turned off for a particular use. But a
    system that begins life without it will *never* see it
    integrated a later date. It's just too fundamental. I got that
    from the Udamax developer, and the number of changes I've made
    to my early design while considering the issue convinces me
    that he was/is right.

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