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Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 12:16:28 PDT

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    CUPERTINO, California and VANCOUVER, British Columbia - April 24, 2001 - David H. Brett, CEO, Knexa.com Enterprises Inc. (CDNX-KNX; OTC - KNXAF), and Dr. Yuwei Shi, President of Peerview of Cupertino, California, report that the parties have entered into an agreement to share their respective technologies to create and expand after-markets for scholarly publications on a global scale. Peerview has developed web-based technology that manages the social recommendation and commentary processes and generates reputation capital for scholarly works. Knexa's dynamically priced knowledge exchange technology provides a strong platform for the publication and sale of academic content. Knexa and Peerview will combine their technology and know how to build a total online academic content market primarily for non-academics and academics interested in research fields in which they are not specialized.

    "Contents in academic publications are often consumed by a small group of scholars whose research interests define collectively the scope of the publication. They are inaccessible, incomprehensible, and intimidating to knowledge consumers outside the narrow domain. It often takes years, if not decades for academic knowledge to diffuse to the public," said Peerview President Dr. Yuwei Shi. "The Knexa-Peerview initiative promises to expedite the knowledge diffusion process through the generation and use of reputation capital along with the dynamic pricing mechanism for knowledge exchange. The initiative takes the notion of knowledge economy to a new level."

    "Many of my academic colleagues in universities around the world will regard the union of Peerview and Knexa as the ultimate research publication solution", said Dr. Nick Bontis, CKO of Knexa, who is also an award-winning professor of strategy at McMaster University. "The time has finally come for the traditionally lethargic 'paper trail' and 'snail mail' process of 'revise and resubmit' to enter the twenty-first century. The timely release of research results -- especially in fast-moving fields such as genomics and nanotechnology -- will now be accelerated. Most importantly, editors and publishers of major journals around the world will quickly realize the economic value of conducting business with Peerview and Knexa versus the more expensive traditional route which is still too expensive and too slow."

    "This alliance with Peerview represents yet another way Knexa can leverage its Knowledge Exchange technology," said Knexa CEO David H. Brett. "The new business will provide a very valuable paid-for service to producers and consumers of scholarly work by massively reducing costs and bringing content to market sooner."

    About Peerview

    PeerVIEW was founded by a team of experienced professionals comprising a university professor, a research scientist, and an IT strategist. Together, they have accumulated 45 solid years of professional experience, and each of them has won awards in their respective fields of expertise. PeerVIEW develops web technologies to deliver practical, reliable and affordable solutions and services to scholarly communication and publishing. PeerVIEW is funded by seasoned venture capitalists and established venture capital firms who are active players in the global high-tech investment arena.

    About Knexa.com Enterprises Inc.

    Knexa is a Knowledge Management company focusing on B2B (Knexa.com) and organizational knowledge sharing (IntraKnexa). With partners in Europe (www.knexa.net) and Australia (www.i7.com.au), Knexa's mission is to foster knowledge exchange by providing market based incentives for participants. Knexa.com is the world's first knowledge auction and IntraKnexa has been called a missing link in knowledge management. Knexa.com is a transaction based revenue model, whereas IntraKnexa is a customized solution that will comprise licensing and consulting revenue.

    For investor information visit http://www.knexa.com/investor.html

    Knexa.com Enterprises Inc.

    David H. Brett

    For more information, contact:
    Lorraine Brett, Media Relations, lorraine@knexa.com
    North America Toll Free: 1-877-330-0338
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