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From: Jack Park (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 06:42:24 PDT

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    Great post!

    I wonder how much time it will take before some of these "bloggers" realize
    that this is what Rod Welch has been doing all along.

    It's gonna be a while before I plow through the entire article and its
    links, but, on first blush, I don't see all that much (yet) about
    organizing all those stories into something coherent and
    useful. Navigation, ontology, etc come to mind.

    At the moment, I am reading the book _Immersion and Interactivity in
    Literature and Electronic Media: Narrative as Virtual Reality_ by
    Marie-Laure Ryan, which is all about story telling. It does strike me that
    we need to understand "blogging" to a much greater depth than it is
    presently presented. Ryan's book grows out of something called
    Narratology. When I look at some papers on Narratology, e.g.
       I am struck by some gross similarities in the diagrammatic techniques
    these authors use and Peirce's existential graphs. Thus, I am once again
    taken back to notions related to knowledge representation as presented by
    John Sowa, whose Conceptual Graphs are based on existential graphs. And
    then, there's always Gordon Pask's Conversation Theory to consider as well
    (nother post, maybe).

    There's fertile ground here. Once again, great post!


    At 01:04 PM 5/17/2001 +0000, you wrote:
    >elearning has an article about using BLOGs for KM.
    >"...most KM designs these days are fraught with complexity..."
    >"We are talking of the "storytelling" as the killer strategy,
    >and "blogs" as the killer technology."
    >Later, the article makes the distinction between "explicit"
    >and "tacit" knowledge. The article promotes BLOG'ing primarily for
    >management of tacit knowledge.

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