[unrev-II] Fwd: VIRUS ALERT

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 10:22:23 PDT

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    >Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 10:47:53 -0500
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    >Sender: VCU Complexity Research Group <COMPLEXITY-L@VENUS.VCU.EDU>
    >From: Pat Yeary <patyeary@QUIK.GUATE.COM>
    >Subject: VIRUS ALERT
    >I discovered a new kind of virus in my computer. It is a time delayed
    >one. This one is scheduled to go to work on the first of June. Itīs name
    >is SULFNBK.EXE. Click on Start and then on Search. Under archives or
    >files write the above name. If you find it, donīt open it. Eliminate or
    >Delete and then go to the recycle bin and clean it out because it can
    >still activate from there. If you do not remove it, it will destroy your
    >hard disk. Hope none have it, but if you do, I hope you read this in
    >time. Pat

    I found this puppy on my hard drive as well. As it's an exe file, windows only.

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