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Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 20:11:35 PDT

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    Perhaps, the WikiPedia project could consider incorporating Remembrance
    Agents and Augmented Associated Memory technology because serendipity is
    too important to be left to chance...

    Remembrance Agents (RA) are a set of applications that watch over a
    user's shoulder and suggest information relevant to the current
    situation. While query-based memory aids help with direct recall,
    remembrance agents are an Augmented Associative Memory (AAM). For
    example, the word-processor version of the RA continuously updates a
    list of documents relevant to what's being typed or read in an emacs
    buffer. These suggested documents can be any text files that might be
    relevant to what you are currently writing or reading. They might be old
    emails related to the mail you are currently reading, or abstracts from
    papers and newspaper articles that discuss the topic of your writing.

       * The RA can also be used to create a "group mind" by sharing
         databases of files. For example, the annotations and corrections
         one student makes over the course of a term may be very valuable to
         another student. The RA can index other people's notes, and
         automatically bring up their notes and expertise whenever it is
         most relevant to you. This can be especially useful for knowledge
         transfer and on-the-job training for new workers.

       * Whereas, Augmented Associated Memory is an extension to your brain.
         It uses wireless sensors (GPS, temperature, etc) that are linked to
         your Cognitive Radio to help you "remember" things that are closely
         related to your current environment. The system can find
         similarity based on the words currently being typed, discussed,
         people currently present, current location, and other physical

    We are experimenting with remembrance agents in word processors, web
    browsers, and on wearable computers. The word-processor version works in
    Emacs and XEmacs, and can be downloaded below.

    Jack Park wrote:

    > "Welcome to Wikipedia! We're writing a complete encyclopedia from
    > scratch,
    > collaboratively. We started work in January 2001. We've got over 8,000
    > pages already. We want to make over 100,000. So, let's get to work!
    > Write a
    > little (or a lot) about what you know. Read our welcome message here:
    > Welcome, newcomers! "
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