[unrev-II] MetaGraph modeling (open-source/Java-based) for Bioinfomatics Collaboration

From: John J. Deneen (jjdeneen@ricochet.net)
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 19:11:06 PDT

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    Overview presentation
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    Metagraph is a code name for a data and process representation language
    used to describe structures and methods that capture, among other
    things, a computerized abstraction of the scientific process. Metgraph
    software is being developed to support modeling and implementation of
    the scientific methods practiced at CSI and CSI's collaborators.
    Metagraph software also supports model-based laboratory automation and
    control applications.

    Object Database System
    The new object database system being developed by CSI's Cellworks
    Project represents an entirely different approach to database management
    system technology. Its primary goal is to provide a dynamic data engine
    that can handle complex hyper-graph / XML /Metagraph queries directly
    instead of simply returning a search set report to be parsed,
    interpreted and then analyzed by client applications. This new data
    system is highly distributed and entirely Java based. Its unique
    approach allows it to deal with data objects in their natural state
    instead of having to require a map or SQL translation layer.

    MetaGraph is a collaborative effort to produce a framework and set of
    tools for modeling, storing, and querying biological information.
    < http://www.csi.washington.edu/comsystec/metagraph/ >

    The MetaGraph Canon, a hypertext document that describes canonical forms
    of usage for MetaGraph in biology.
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    The MetaGraph DTD for validating XML representations of MetaGraph data.
    < http://www.metagraph.org/schema/metagraph.txt >

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