[unrev-II] Dialog Mapping Workshop

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 23:06:24 PDT

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    We have finally put together some dates and locations for Jeff Conklin's
    workshop on the IBIS methodology for problem solving. Here is the
    information. Dates are 10 and 11 July, 2001, in San Jose, California,
    though, if you contact Jeff directly, certainly other dates and locations
    can be arranged. In any case, for those Unrev-minded individuals who think
    there is a benefit available to you, I suggest that you contact Jeff for
    further information. Here are some of the details.

    The Dialog Mapping workshop is a two-day training for project leaders,
    facilitators, and groups who collaborate on ill-structured (or "wicked")
    problems, such as the issues involved in complex high-tech projects. The
    Dialog Mapping workshop teaches participants a new approach to problem
    solving that centers on collective sense making. Dialog Mapping is about
    creating the highest possible level of shared understanding and ownership
    about the issues, decisions, and agreements involved in a project. Unlike
    traditional problem solving approaches, Dialog Mapping creates coherence in
    situations of high social diversity and complexity.
    Workshop participants learn a language, called Issue Based Information
    System (IBIS), for diagramming the deep structure of design and problem
    solving conversations. The IBIS grammar, which consists of Questions,
    Ideas, and Arguments, captures and exposes the logic and rationale of
    issues and decisions, no matter how many stakeholders and issues are
    involved. Participants also learn the Dialog Mapping facilitation
    technique for interactively creating IBIS diagrams with groups using a
    shared display, such as a white board or computer and display projector.
    Finally, participants learn the basics of the QuestMap(tm) software system
    for creating, managing, and publishing large and interlinked IBIS diagrams.
    The Dialog Mapping workshop is fast-paced, intellectually challenging, and
    fun. Participants in past courses report that they are able to be more
    creative and powerful in meetings, able to see more clearly the hidden
    issues that cloud projects, and able to be a more effective leader around
    highly complex and controversial issues.
    Tuition is $900 per person, which includes the course manual and the
    QuestMap software.
    For more (slightly outdated) information about the workshop, see
    For a summary of the conceptual framework behind Dialog Mapping, see
    For a brief tutorial on the IBIS grammar, see http://gdss.com/wp/IBIS.htm.
    For an essay on wicked problems, see http://www.gdss.com/wp/wicked.htm.
    And for more on QuestMap(tm), see http://www.gdss.com/omq/aboutQM.htm.
    For questions or to discuss scheduling a Dialog Mapping workshop, call or
    Dr. Jeff Conklin
    (410) 798 4495

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