Re: [unrev-II] Augmenting Intelligence

From: Jack Park (
Date: Fri Jun 22 2001 - 18:11:18 PDT

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    I would like to think that you will take the time to describe the *organic
    structure of knowledge* and do so in terms of the words and phrases
    (ontology) the Unrev readership is familiar with. It will be interesting
    to compare such a description to the vast amount of literature that
    follow's Lenat's long and well-documented route that led to Cyc.

    Lenat seems to have started out as a "frames" kindof guy. By the time Cyc
    began to mature, logic entered into the game. All of that appears to be
    encapsulted in the Cycl language. Perhaps of great importance in Cyc's
    story is the evolution of the notion of Context, something any SDS jockey
    would appreciate.

    Lenat's book that discussed the early internals of Cyc was the first place
    I ever saw the term *Ontological Engineering*.

    What's interesting to note is that Cyc moved away from the original GPL
    license that Doug referenced in Austin at KT 2001, to the LGPL license, a
    vastly less viral licence.


    At 05:01 PM 6/22/2001 -0700, you wrote:
    >Interesting article.
    >Did anyone get to the last sentence in the 3rd para from the bottom? This
    >was discussed during the meeting with Ted Nelson at SRI on 010605, as the
    >of moving beyond IT to a culture of knowledge.
    >Lenat does not seem to mention ontology, nor the organic structure of
    >that makes intelligence at once powerful, and a thorny challenge, absent a
    >theory of knowledge, which Doug asked about on 000307.

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