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From: Jack Park (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 15:53:56 PDT

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    Keep looking and you come up with ever more stuff. For instance,

    is a discussion with graphics of Mind Interchange Language. What's really
    interesting here is that many of the diagrams remind me of discussions we
    have had about HyperScope.

    Specifically, the last diagram on the page shows context, knowledge, and
    content cast in a different vocabulary.


    At 03:11 PM 7/1/2001 -0700, you wrote:
    >An applet that allows construction of ontologies is listed in the body
    >below. By tracking around his web site, I uncovered another one at
    >visual mind works.
    >The applet described below is available for download for free, but not for
    >commercial use without a license. It is not open source, but the API is
    >documented so that you can use the jar file as a library and extend the
    >functionality. The applet can run standalone or within a servlet, the
    >source code for which is included.
    >These are worth looking at.
    > >From: "Anton Kolonin" <>
    > >To: <>
    > >
    > >Dear colleagues,
    > >
    > >Three years ago, "World Wide Mind" project was launched.
    > >
    > >Goals
    > >- To create the working model of distributed interactive knowledge base on
    > >internet
    > >- To allow connected users interactively maintain their private subsets of
    > >knowledge within global knowledge base
    > >- To force the generalization of private knowledge subsets into global
    > >knowledge
    > >- To support the knowledge exchange feature by knowledge subsets merging
    > >between private knowledge's
    > >
    > >Means
    > >- Mind definition language, based on such a languages as Lisp, Prolog,
    > >Smalltalk, SQL
    > >- High-level knowledge exchange protocol to allow knowledge exchange
    > >engines communicate one with other
    > >- Real-time client-server knowledge exchange engine running on any machine
    > >in the internet
    > >- 2-D or 3-D interactive graphics tool to allow visual maintaining of the
    > >distributed knowledge
    > >
    > >Here is announcement that software, server-side support and even some basic
    > >documentation (in broken English ;-) are available for the wide public at
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >There are stilll a lot of things to improve
    > >
    > >- in documentation
    > >- in the code
    > >- in the web site design
    > >
    > >but all of the major components are there and
    > >software is tested using Win and UNIX platforms.
    > >
    > >Thank you for your attention,
    > >
    > >Anton Kolonin
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