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Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 03:48:45 PDT

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    What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?
    < >
    "Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurial, as differentiated from managerial or
    strategic, because they think effectually; they believe in a
    yet-to-be-made future that can substantially be shaped by human action;
    and they realize that to the extent that this human action can control
    the future, they need not expend energies trying to predict it. In fact,
    to the extent that the future is shaped by human action, it is not much
    use trying to predict it it is much more useful to understand and work
    with the people who are engaged in the decisions and actions that bring
    it into existence."

    Henry van Eyken wrote:

    > Peter.
    > I meant with the statement roughly that there are circumstances under
    > which the heart ought to guide the perceived selfinterest or, again
    > roughly, where the right-brain should keep the left-brain in check.
    > Henry
    > Peter Jones wrote:
    >> Hi, Yes, I'd understood that point. >In other words, our affect
    >> ought to do a better job of directing our intellect. I'm not sure I
    >> really understood this last point though, because affects are
    >> usually spoken of in relation to peripheral nervous system response
    >> to stimuli in all the literature I've read. Etc., etc.
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