Re: [unrev-II] Lee's Nodal system

From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 14:09:05 PDT

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    Great news Eric and congratulations to Lee for the breakthrough work!

    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > I spent a couple of hours with Lee the other day,
    > going over the architecture and capabilities of
    > Nodal. Much of what we discussed has yet to be
    > incorporated into his paper at
    > But the bottom line is that I am convinced his NODAL
    > mechanism is indeed a better design for the KRNL
    > (Knowledge-Repository Node Layer), which I had been
    > trying to construct. I eventually bailed out when the
    > complexity grew overwhelming. But Lee isolated the
    > defects, simplified the thing enormously, and at the
    > same time added drastically new concepts based on
    > Groves and abstract data modeling.
    > The result, I truly believe, is a superb undertaking
    > that will serve as solid foundation for the
    > Engelbart-inspired tools we have separately
    > envisioned -- and one that will go a long way towards
    > helping them work together.
    > The ambitious aim of his undertaking is to create a
    > node-based "file system" that can be used by any
    > application in the same way they use current file
    > systems -- but which provides granular addressability,
    > versioning, and all the rest to smarter applications.
    > In other words, it is stone-dead killer.
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