Re: [unrev-II] Fiddling with a simple graphics engine

From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 02:19:16 PDT

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    Jack, here's a great demo of graphics horsepower for topic maps and
    related info about the motivation for the Talkmine testbed at LANL:

    Demo of hyperbolic tree directory for a Universal Library.
    < >

    Biologically Motivated Distributed Designs for Adaptive Knowledge
    Management < > and its
    "Talkmine" testbed < > based on some
    aspects of Pask's Conversation Theory, including an XML repository.

    Pask proposed the abandonment of the concept of learning as a one to one
    mapping of real world to mental categories, for a dynamic, internal,
    self-organizing process of coming to know, constrained by developmental
    interaction with an environment and fellow "knowers". < >



    Jack Park wrote:

    > I've been hacking around for many, many moons these days, looking for
    > the
    > simplest way to be able to "draw" topic maps. Well, my latest hack
    > seems
    > pretty simple. Right now, a user can draw simple maps, then save them
    > as
    > XTM documents. Soon, it will be able to import XTM documents.
    > A screenshot of it and a dump of its saved file can be viewed at
    > When it's a bit farther down the road, I'll put it up in the cvs at
    > At this time, I'm not even sure the XTM
    > is
    > correct. What's missing:
    > import
    > representation of x,y location in the XTM document (likely to be
    > some kind
    > of <variant> object
    > and/or layout engine that takes an imported map and decides
    > where to
    > locate the nodes
    > In the end, I'd like to do something similar with Jazz (pan & zoom),
    > but
    > that's far too complex a project for the time being.
    > I tend to think that whatever user interface an OHS will eventually
    > have,
    > we will likely plenty of graphics horsepower.
    > Cheers
    > Jack
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