[unrev-II] e-Journal on Bootstrap site

From: Henry van Eyken (vaneyken@sympatico.ca)
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 16:36:56 PDT

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    Thank you all for your interest in the Bootstrap Institute's website and
    its future. A special thanks goes to my kind hosts and the participants
    in the various meetings held during the May 20-30 visit to Silicon
    Valley by my grandson, Eric, and me.

    I did prepare a detailed letter about the meetings shortly after
    returning to Lakefield, Québec, but upon rereading it I'll spare you the
    agony. I did go ahead and prepared a set of starter pages for an
    e-journal that I provisionally named "Engelbart in Context" (or
    "Context" for short). These will soon be accessible from the home page,
    www.bootstrap.org . In the meantime you may take a sneak preview at

    An editorial policy has still to be properly written out, nevertheless I
    think you will get the drift from what is there even if it is only a
    tiny beginning with only one major article on the front page.

    This e-journal is not a periodical. The publishing pace is not set by
    deadlines, but by value of content (and editorial resources available).
    And it is best perceived as a test run because to really produce what I
    have in mind takes a fair amount of talented people.

    Observe that the "purple number" assignments is still a thorny issue
    (almost a bone in the throat). I really need to have a clearer insight
    into the workings of Doug's Augment and how identification of document
    elements and versioning, etc. will continue within an OHS setting before
    settling this issue. I am inclined to believe that Doug's view of
    documents is not quite the same as an editor's view of an e-journal's
    front page. Differing views tend to converge inside the e-journal, see
    the repository. For a better insight of where we are heading, you may
    have a look at the repository of my old Fleabyte, which had been running
    for some time whenI switched to go with Doug, see
    www.fleabyte.org/contents.html . In fact Context uses the Fleabyte

    I hope that with your interest and help we can produce an e-journal that
    will serve to inform and educate a more general public of what computing
    can be like, in the interest of individuals, of their work, and of
    society as a whole.

    Looking forward to your critical reactions and continuing goodwill,

    Regards to all,


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