[unrev-II] Afghan Women - how to be effective

From: Dennis E. Hamilton (dennis.hamilton@acm.org)
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 08:57:55 PDT

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    I see that Unrev-II was used to send a chain e-mail on the plight of Afghan
    women. That e-mail is not an e-mail hoax, as many are, but it is a chain
    letter and as such is completely ineffective. The Brandeis university site
    address does not work and will not work. A link
    (http://www.brandeis.edu/unet/newschainletter.html) to the Brandeis
    statement on this experience, and its extremely valuable additional links on
    the impact that e-mail chain letters actually have was just supplied here on
    unrev-II. I commend them to the attention of everyone who has thought a
    chain letter was a good idea and forwarded it to anyone.

    There is another article that readers may find useful in making a difference
    in the specific case of Afghan women. Additional addresses to use in
    reaching someone engaged in these issues are at the end of the article. The
    article is at:


    I know this matters to some of you and I wanted you to know about some
    available avenues.

    It is perhaps appropriate to consider, here on unrev-II, the use of Internet
    technology in distributive social engineering, all such forms of social
    engineering, and how the global intelligence will be shaped to deal with
    that (or be a demonstration of it). Also, we need to consider our own
    thinking (or lack thereof) in practicing/submitting-to such social
    engineering and what it reveals about our view of the world, of who we share
    it with, and about the justification of our actions inside that view.

    -- Dennis

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