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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 05:09:58 PDT

Good morning, John D.

Your Ricochet email address died recently. That's why I'll send you this
private letter via our discussion group. As everyone here may see, the
subject matter makes it quite proper to do so anyway. It should give a
bit of an idea of where I hope EIC shall be heading.

Here is the original as returned to me:

Good morning, John.

As I indicated before, I hoped to return to many of the thing you have
posted once we get an e-journal off the ground. Well, we have made a
start: "Engelbart in Context" - see The
magazine is to support Doug's ultimate objective by serving as a bridge
between those "scouting the frontiers" and lay people. We use short
items and an easy vernacular to attract and bind.

Naturally, with family, health, reading, regular webmastering, this keep

me superbusy. Right now I am the management, the editorial staff,
production, and art department for EIC, all rolled in one. Eventually, I

hope to get some sort of a formal staffing in sofar that is possible
with unpaid volunteers. Right now I am fated to go nuts.

Stuff you have been writing about is very much contextual. I hope that
we can start off with one topic and get something going on that. I am
not quite sure (yet) how we should best sequence things. Perhaps 750 -
1000 words devoted to CITRIS, then some articles on various aspects,
such as SIS, radio-linking fruits in the field to computers, etc. I am
looking for a style of presentation somewhere between Newsweek and The
Economist to attract and hold readership. Not too detailed, but strongly

working with "telling details" and bearing in mind that a little sugar
makes the medicine go down.

Once we get going, it may become appropriate to have a guest editorial
linking these presentations to Doug's work and objectives.

Care to give this a thought, and perhaps suggest an outline for a an


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