Re: [unrev-II] multiple hierarchies + visual newsgroups

From: Peter Jones (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 10:13:51 PDT

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    Folks might also want to launch the TouchGraph browser at --
    some very interesting links in there.

    Great stuff, Alex!


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    Subject: Re: [unrev-II] multiple hierarchies + visual newsgroups

    > Every once in a while, somebody lays a great idea out before this
    > group. Eric Armstrong started it all with IBIS. Now, TouchGraph. I
    > believe that all readers of this list should go play with TouchGraph, and
    > download it, as I just did.
    > Cheers
    > Jack
    > At 09:52 PM 8/22/2001 -0400, you wrote:
    > >Hi, my name is Alex Shapiro, and I am very interested in the evolution of
    > >hypertext, and computer-based mediums of interaction in general.
    > >
    > >I've read the thread on Malleable Archives, and the one about Taxonomies
    > >and TopicMaps, and have a response that is vaguely relevant to both
    > >
    > >(Funny, as I type this, my spell-checker tells me that the correct
    > >for "Maleable" is "Malleable", supporting the notion that the author
    > >be able to go back and alter his/her messages).
    > >
    > >Ok,
    > >
    > >I am developing some software (opensource), which can bee seen at
    > > whose eventual goal is to be used for browsing
    > >multiple hierarchies, and associative networks. Currently, it is just a
    > >nice graph layout applet, and another for organizing links, but in a few
    > >months the underlying structure will be completed, and rapid development
    > >features should be possible.
    > >
    > >The technology of easily browsable and editable associative networks will
    > >make possible the creation of visual newsgroups. I envision such a
    > >newsgroup as a network of nodes, where posting a message will consists of
    > >adding a node to the network. The advantage of this type of format for
    > >discussion, is that related messages can be placed next to each
    > >other. Whereas conventional newsgroups already achieve such adjacency
    > >threads, they have the disadvantage that old threads get forgotten about,
    > >or not read by new members. In a visual newsgroup, however, one should
    > >able to bring old threads back into focus by adding a link from current
    > >messages to the old ones. In fact, adding links rather then posting new
    > >messages could be another way of contributing to the discussion. Along
    > >same lines, one would no longer be constrained to responding to just a
    > >single message. One could chose to simultaneously respond to multiple
    > >messages thus bringing the messages responded to closes together. Some
    > >experimentation with this idea using TouchGraph technology can already be
    > >seen at
    > >
    > >Speaking of taxonomies, I think that a type of taxonomy that has been
    > >largely ignored is that of hierarchies with multiple inheritance (or
    > >multiple hierarchies). It seems that a lot of information could benefit
    > >from being organized into multiple hierarchies. For instance, look at
    > >leaf-most categories in the open directory project. Often we find lists
    > >links containing over 200 items. Yet splitting these items into
    > >subcategories would be impossible without making subjective choices. The
    > >best solution, would be to offer the user multiple options as to how they
    > >want to divide the items. That way one could narrow one's search to a
    > >more manageable set of 10 items or so.
    > >
    > >Thanks,
    > >
    > >--Alex
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