Re: [unrev-II] Thinking about communicating

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 16:01:52 PDT

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    Jack Park wrote:
    > That work began the evolution of the language Loglan
    Thanks for the pointer, Jack.
    I've always loved computer languages, as well as propositional
    calculus and related algebras. I've had a linguistic bent for
    years, too, but there are too many exceptions to memorize in
    most languages.

    Sanskrit and Amayara (sp?) appear to be outstanding exceptions,
    but there isn't much call for those. This one, aimed at being
    a "LOGical LANguage", or "LOGician's LANguage", appears quite

    "Garold (Gary) L. Johnson" wrote:
    > One aspect of the language that intrigued me is that the
    > dictionary consists of predicates, each of which takes a
    > specified set of arguments -- essentially subroutines or
    > method calls.

    Jack Park wrote:
    > I am thinking that Loglan, or perhaps some future derivative
    > of it, could form the seeds of a rather potent language for
    > online discussions.
    I think so, too. Partly because of the logical nature of the
    language, but especially in light of...

    Peter Jones wrote:
    > I seem to remember a post on a newsgroup about the difficulties
    > of expressing statements with emotional content in Loglan, and
    > about how that impoverished communication.
    Now, from the standpoint of ordinary communications, I admit that
    sounds like a defect. But from the standpoint of carrying out an
    IBIS-style online discussion of an issue, the restriction to
    emotionally-neutral expression is very likely to be a positive
    thing, especially in light of...

    Jack Park wrote:
    > From
    > "Without facial expressions, voice intonations, or
    > gestures, relationships can be strange; jokes and irony can lead to
    > misunderstandings. The distancing safety of the medium can promote
    > casual inflammatory and hurtful remarks.

    A language that lent itself to more dispassionate analysis might
    be exactly the ticket to counter-balance the effects of distance
    on communication!

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