[unrev-II] OntoMat -- web page annotation tool DAML/OIL

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 20:13:29 PDT

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    Page includes downloadable beta version. Requires JDK1.3 Java. Soon to be
    open source.

    "Ontomat is a user-friendly interactive webpage annotation tool. It
    supports the user with the task of creating and maintaining ontology-based
    DAML+OIL markups i.e. creating of DAML-instances, attributes and
    relationships. It include an ontology browser for the exploration of the
    ontology and instances and a HTML browser that will display the annotated
    parts of the text. It is Java-based and provide a plugin interface for
    extensions. The intended user is the individual annotator i.e., people that
    want to enrich their web pages with DAML-meta data. Instead of manually
    annotating the page with a text editor, say, emacs, Ont-O-Mat allows the
    annotator to highlight relevant parts of the web page and create new
    instances via drag’n’drop interactions. It supports the meta-data creation
    phase of the lifecycle.
    It is planned that a future version will contain an information extraction
    plugin, that offers a wizard which suggest which parts of the text are
    relevant for annotation. That aspect will help to ease the time-consuming
    annotation task. "

    "· Ontomat will become a open source project, see
    · http://sourceforge.net/projects/ontomat
    · Ontomat support yet the knowledge capturing and annotation of a
    given web page. In the future it will support the annotation and authoring
    of a new web page.
    · At the moment several Plug-Ins are now on development:
    · Web Page Authoring (Sichun Xu)
    · Information Extraction Component (Siegfried Handschuh)
    · Java-Script Plugin (Leo Meyer)
    · Ontology and Metadata Editor (Ljiljana Stojanovic)
    · Database Reverse Engineering Component (Ljiljana Stojanovic)
    · Focused Document and Metadata Crawling Component "

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