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Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 02:09:08 PDT

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    Alex, Jack and all

    Speaking of Semantic Community Web ...

    Jack and other people on this forum keep feeding the list with very relevant
    This feeding is indeed one of my main sources to augment the semantopic data
    For those who wouldn't know yet about it, see
    For example, DAML and Frank van Hermelen have been included for a while
    respectively at

    I've not included yet Alex and TouchGraph, but will do it ASAP. I've played
    with TouchGraph and really like it!

    One thing I wonder is why people there would not like to add direcly their
    resources to this data base, since semantopic is an open collaborative
    project, and in fact, it's thought from the beginning to be kind of Semantic
    Community Web Index (if not Portal)
    A resource included in the semantopic map is linked to relative resources,
    and makes much more sense there than simply included in a message soon
    buried deep in a forum archives if you did not bookmark properly!
    Getting an user login is easy. Just contact me. Before the end of the month,
    we'll have a new user interface, much more friendly and easy to use. Hope
    that will help collaborators to step in.

    About below quotation by Jack. I feel completely tuned with the notion
    developed by many people lately that we have a kind of equivalence "web
    community" <=> "collaborative ontology".
    That reminds me, Jack, the "famous" debate where we met one year ago on the
    topicmap mailing list. and
    following thread. Still relevant IMO.
    And from recent exchanges here and there, I would add now "semantic web" to
    that equivalence list. Meaning there will be as many "semantic webs" as "web
    communities" and matching "collaborative ontologies". Of course communities
    and ontologies overlap, since every one of us belongs to many communities
    (familial, regional, professional, technical, business, market, cultural,
    interest, ... )

    Bottom line :
    Binding separately developed but overlapping ontologies will need
    non-ambiguous stable binding points. Topic Maps people call that Published
    Subject Indicators. In the frame of new TopicMaps.Org organization in OASIS,
    a Technical Committee on Published Subjects is presently in the process of
    approval. As soon as all that is official (should be one or two weeks from
    now), I'll make an announcement here.
    You can see the draft charter for this committee at


    Mondeca - "Making Sense of Content"

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    > Jack,
    > Have you heard of Frank van Harmelen?
    > He is of the editors of the DAML+OIL specification.
    > I especially like him for this paper:
    > --Alex
    > At 10:11 PM 9/7/01 -0700, you wrote:
    > While looking hard at DAML/OIL as the candidate detailed knowledge
    > representation scheme for Nexist, I have run into numerous very
    > web pages. This is one such page, all starting by surfing from
    > "Community web portals serve as portals for the information needs of
    > particular communities on the web. We here discuss how a comprehensive
    > flexible strategy for building and maintaining a high-value community
    > portal has been conceived and implemented. The strategy includes
    > collaborative information provisioning by the community members. It is
    > based on an ontology as a semantic backbone for accessing information on
    > the portal, for contributing information, as well as for developing and
    > maintaining the portal. We have also implemented a set of ontology-based
    > tools that have facilitated the construction of our show case - the
    > community web portal of the knowledge acquisition community."

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