Re: [unrev-II] "He who controls the bootloader"

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Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 13:16:06 PDT

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    From personal experience of getting caught out by buying a machine that
    turned out to have an unadvertised WinModem things are even uglier than


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    > This refers to an exceedingly important piece by Scot Hacker. It shows
    where the U.S. Department of
    > Justice failed in its case against Microsoft by not addressing the issue
    of abusing its bootloader
    > monopoly. They wanted a stronmg case centered on the browser wars and not
    distract from that by the
    > more important issue of Microsoft's control over the hardware market.
    > Scot Hacker, an afficionado of the Be operating system and author of the
    "BeOS Bible," had a
    > conversation with the CEO of Be Inc., which just sold out for a song to
    Palm. Important matters came
    > to light. Here is a glimpse:
    > "You and I can't read the license because Microsoft classifies it as a
    'trade secret.' The license
    > specifies that any machine which includes a Microsoft operating system
    must not also offer a
    > nonMicrosoft operating system as a boot option. In other words, a computer
    that offers to boot into
    > Windows upon startup cannot also offer to boot into BeOS or Linux. The
    hardware vendor does not get
    > to choose which OSes to install on the machines they sell - Microsoft
    > For the full "must read":
    > Henry
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