Re: [unrev-II] Manhattan atrocity

From: Peter Jones (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 15:28:55 PDT

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    > Tom Brokaw (NBC) is now saying "this is tantamount to war."

    I dare say the perpertrators of the atrocity thought that a long time back.

    Fascinating statistic that came up on our radio here:
    US internal airport security men are paid lower wages than McDonalds burger
    servers, and apparently the U.S. has known that the airport security system
    was a mess since 1996.

    Also, it is highly likely that the hijackers had weapons that were made in
    the U.S.
    "The U.S. probably has some of the strictest controls, but even so, it sold
    or transferred $463 million worth of small arms and ammunition to 124
    countries in 1998 (the last year for which such data are available). Of
    these countries, about 30 were at war or experiencing persistent civil
    violence in 1998; in at least five, U.S. or U.N. soldiers on peacekeeping
    duty have been fired on or threatened with U.S.-supplied weapons. "

    and from:
    "Finally, a critical element of any good-faith change in U.S. foreign policy
    on small arms is a ban on the covert supply of weapons to insurgent forces
    by the U.S. government. The medium-term impact of massive, secret arms
    transfers by the Reagan administration in the 1980s has been devastating.
    Northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, Angola, and parts of Central America are
    today-a decade later-virtual arms bazaars, with destabilizing and deadly
    consequences. The U.S. must bear direct responsibility for collecting and
    destroying the massive quantities of light weaponry that it peddled in the
    1980s. "

    and from:
    "In noting the US argument that preventing sales to non-state actors would
    limit the options available to the president in certain circumstances, he
    stated "It is especially disturbing that states vulnerable to insurgent
    groups and the destabilization tactics of foreign powers were rebuffed as
    they tried to advance an international principle against foreign governments
    arming rebel groups.""

    This page is a *must read*:
    "The U.S. government is training soldiers in upwards of 70 countries at any
    given time. The most transparent, and consequently well known of these
    training programs is the Pentagon's International Military Education and
    Training Program (IMET). Recent graduates as well as soldiers soon to be
    trained by this program come from countries at war or with horrific human
    rights records, including Indonesia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Congo, and Cote

    I wonder who trained the hijackers?

    "U.S. arms or U.S. military technology were used by adversaries confronting
    U.S. soldiers in Panama, **Iraq**, Somalia, and Haiti. A significant
    portion of the $6 billion in covert U.S. arms and training sent to Afghan
    rebel groups in the 1980s was funneled to right-wing Islamic fundamentalist
    forces that now use these resources to attack U.S. allies and citizens."

    So how does all that sit with U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East?

    Ask your government what gave the perpertrators such resolve, and where they
    got the tools.

    I grieve for the innocent victims.


    P.S. And, yes, I do know that my own country is probably not much better.

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    > >What the hell is going on in manhattan? I just found out.
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    > >--Alex
    > By now, except that CNN appears to be down, you must have found out that
    > two airliners were crashed into both World Trade Center towers. Both
    > towers are now flat on the ground.
    > 69 people onboard a 767 hit one tower.
    > Unknown flight hit the second tower, but they have great slow motion
    > footage of a twin engine airliner flying right into that tower. Word it
    > that one was a 757. Both flights hijacked American Airlines birds.
    > A third airliner is reported crashed near Pittsburg. No one (at this
    > knows why that one went down.
    > Canada has shut down it's airports. US has grounded all flights.
    > Something about a plane was crashed into our Pentagon.
    > Something about a car bomb outside the State Department.
    > Tom Brokaw (NBC) is now saying "this is tantamount to war."
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