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From: Alex Shapiro (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 09:14:38 PDT

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    > >
    > >CJ: I agree: this is where semiotics can help us, understanding these as
    > > acts of COMMUNICATION.

    These acts have the same communicative value as those of a serial killer,
    or a presidential assassinator. It's a mix of both, because it's at once
    at attack on a power, and against innocent people.

    Acts of violence are a means of release for crazy and frustrated
    people. They say at once, "I hate that which I attack", and "I need help".

    With an individual crazy person, there is the option of punishment by
    death. This is not an option for reprehending a country or a large movement.

    In my opinion, what should happen, is that the people whose fault this is,
    the minor angry countries should be institutionalized. Colonized. Forget
    guilt over imperialism. These people can not rule themselves. Their
    governments should be taken over by civilized countries, and measures
    should be taken to improve their standards of living. Then, very slowly,
    control can be given back to the countries themselves. For now they should
    no longer be allowed to act crazy.

    What the fuck are people doing not searching Iran, and its bio-weapons
    plants. The politics of America says that it wrong to search a country
    against it's will. Well, this should no longer be the case. I want to be
    safe, and I don't want my friends to die.

    I hope this solution makes some sense.


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