[unrev-II] Semiotics of terrorism Evolving Solutions

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 19:58:47 PDT

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    That's what it sounds like. There are reports hijackers told passengers to use
    cell phones to call family members and tell them they were about to die. With
    such notice, passengers can recognize the only chance of living, however, slim,
    requires taking action. Moreover, given notice of no chance to live, there is
    no reason not to attempt diverting a terrorist mission, as seems to have
    occurred in the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.

    Now, however, even absent direct notice, future hijackers will run the risk that
    passengers can only assume the worst, regardless of what they are told, because
    people tend to rely on knowledge from direct experience, rather than information
    in the moment. Semiotics makes that point about "knowledge," which you
    discussed on 000503, as noted by Peirce, reviewed on 000515, thanks to Jack


    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > Rod Welch wrote:
    > > Good observation. Experience on 010911 encourages action by
    > > passengers to stop
    > > hijackers. There is no risk at all from being proactive, when life is
    > > about to
    > > end absent initiative.
    > >
    > > Despite great tragedy, it is great to see a nation focused and
    > > gathering
    > > strength.
    > Have to agree. The issue, of course, is knowing the hijackers'
    > intentions.
    > Not knowing their suicidal proclivities, inaction undoubtedly seemed
    > like
    > the better course, for most.
    > But cell phone conversations may have enlightened the passengers on
    > that last plane, leading to heroism one can only stand and salute.
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