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From: Alex Shapiro (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 12:00:40 PDT

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    A>This means that scientists must conceptualize the events that we
    > >consider "tragedies" as elements of the greater dynamic. This
    > >won't be easy because scientists are notoriously narcissistic and
    > >tunnel-visioned. After all, scientists named their own species
    > >"Homo sapiens sapiens" -- "bipedal tool-making primate, wise
    > >wise." Imagine that!
    > >
    > >If humans were truly wise, they would be quite humble about their
    > >wisdom, realizing that many species--e.g., sharks--have survived
    > >for hundreds of millions of years because they don't pretend to be
    > >anything but sharks--and certainly not stewards of nature.
    > >

    Lots of species survive because they do pretend to be other things. Mimicry.

    Also, it's true that overestimating your intelligence can lead to
    trouble. But underestimating your intelligence can also lead to
    trouble. In fact, it could be said that it's the belief of people that
    they should listen to others rather then thinking for themselves, that
    leads to suicide bombers, and the like.

    And which scientists named their own species "homo sapiens sapiens". Where
    was I when that meeting went down?


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