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From: Dennis E. Hamilton (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 07:43:31 PDT

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    There are research organizations that produce "disclosure journals," used to
    disclose inventions so that they can't be patented. These are for
    inventions that the inventor chooses not to patent, but doesn't want someone
    else to patent either. The disclosure journal is a way of putting an
    invention into the public domain. I don't know what the relationship to the
    USPTO search procedures is and who is attentive to these publications.

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    I like your idea, and similar ideas have been discussed before, most notably
    by Bruce Perens.

    Lucid Fried Eggs in it's current state is not sufficient as a repository for
    invention disclosure forms.
    Lucid doesn't provide a means to record securely the date or author's name.
    Perhaps a conventional weblog would work better for this. I believe this was
    one of the original intentions behind .
    Perhaps a better place would be

    There are a number of problems with the Patent system. Patents cost upkeep
    to maintain. They only give holders the right to enter litigation with
    parties believed to be infringing (more expense). Patent examiners have no
    more than 8 hours to complete any given patent submission. Researching prior
    art is a small component of the total process. Examiners often don't have
    the expertise to determine novelty or non-obviousness.

    The USPTO and other global patent offices should have a mechanism for
    accepting "public patents". Or "patents for the public good". This would be
    a way to submit inventions to the patent office without fee. These would
    then be kind of anti-patents, ensuring that no one entity can hold the
    rights to produce the invention described.

    Submit projects to for now.
    Tell two friends that the patent system is broken.
    Subscribe to patnews at -

    <disclaimer>I don't work for or have any involvement with</disclaimer>


    > <suggestion>
    > Create a DKR -- perhaps, say,
    > -- that accumulates patents that would impede software
    > evolution.
    > Use that DKR as a home for those who would financially support
    > patent-breaking litigation -- very many of the existing software patents
    > are either:
    > completely unenforceable due to prior arts
    > obtained by the owner while participating in public
    > on the issues (e.g. web standards)
    > Use the DKR to analyze all known license agreements
    > Use the DKR to evolve newer license technologies
    > Link that DKR into the two similar web sites listed (above) at
    > web site
    > </suggestion>

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