Re: [unrev-II] Eugene's work Organizing the Record

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 16:41:00 PDT

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    On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Rod Welch wrote:

    > This group has witnessed use of the archive almost daily for 18 months,
    > beginning OA 991222, that demonstrates a new way of working called out by the
    > group leader, Doug Engelbart.....
    > Organizing the archive for this group is a small part of a much larger body of
    > knowledge that is easily and daily connected into a web of intelligence called
    > out by Doug. Email is a small part of the requirement for an effective knowledge
    > base. It is integrated into the workflow minute by minute, hour by hour, day by
    > day over months and years, as discussed with Eric on 000517 during a meeting at
    > Intel....
    > Accordingly, Eric is incorrect. The record of this group is not lost to any but
    > those who refuse to see, to try, to learn.

    My apologies, Rod. In stating that the archives of this list aren't
    usefully organized, I inadvertently marginalized your excellent work,
    which was not my intention. Another person who has really done a
    fantastic job of integrating content from this archive into a cohesive
    body of knowledge is Bernard Vatant. I remember finding several pleasant
    surprises while navigating Bernard's Topic Map, including a link to Elaine
    Svenonius, whose book, _The Intellectual Foundation of Information
    Organization_, I recently finished and highly recommend.

    SDS is very interesting and has clearly proven effective for Rod. Given
    the chance, I do not doubt that others would find it useful as well.
    There are similarities between SDS and the systems that Doug is proposing,
    all of which make SDS well worth studying.

    There isn't one single solution to the knowledge integration problem, and
    so we have to make sure that we can apply multiple solutions. That's why
    features like granular addressability are so important. However, groups
    of people may find some solutions more useful than others. It's important
    that we as a community experiment with these solutions, and try to find
    one or more tools that apply well to our culture.


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