Re: [unrev-II] Lucid Thinking

From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 09:37:31 PDT

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    At 10:03 AM 9/24/2001 -0400, you wrote:
    >These are all good ideas:
    >Creating a "my" lucid. Using it as a blog, a portal, and a personal
    >email/message center. Here one would have a public outbox where other
    >could see all the messages that one has written to public forums. Adding
    >threads. Allowing for dialog mapping. Adding all kinds of knowledge mining.
    >What I say, is that the best way to design such a package would probably
    >be in an incremental + decentralized fashion. The first steps would be to
    >add threads + a personal page to lucid. Then, blogs could be added to the
    >personal pages. Later, more advanced mailing capabilities could be
    >added. Finally, dialog mapping, which would be developed on a separate
    >track, could be integrated into the system.
    >Great idea though. The resulting collaborative structure could pretty
    >much become the global brain, which in my definition is a single
    >world-wide forum where everyone constantly augments each others knowledge.

    Incremental + decentralized fashion. You mean, a project
    with lots of builders?

    I'm all for adding stuff to Lucid itself; I just read the Lucid source code
    -- looks like it can be done. In fact, that would be the fastest way to
    get such a prototype running.

    In the end, however, OHS-dev is committed to a non-GPL license. Starting
    fresh, not infringing on Steve's code, etc, seems appropriate.

    Personally, I can imagine my BLOG at such a portal having both private and
    public data -- that which I think others might enjoy or find useful, not to
    mention contributing to the mining activity, and that which is private, not
    available to the mining tools. It may be that my client application will,
    at once, log into the web, and log into a local database where the private
    stuff resides. I can then work offline and later log in and synch
    databases as a way of publishing to the portal.

    One area that the mining activity will contribute will be in the area of
    discovery of "loosely related" links.
    One area the mining activity will have to pay attention to is that of
    detection of cycles in the graph. Graph cycles, as most software
    developers know, result in the "Branch to South Succotash" effect.

    As to the "global brain" nature, I think there is merit in that thought. If
    you read the papers and activities of that group, as I have forwarded here
    before, you can see that the network-like configuration is favored.


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