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From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 06:33:17 PDT

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    >Using my training as a psychiatrist and policy expert , I tried to put
    >myself into in Ben Laden's mind. In doing so, I must assume that he has
    >an amazingly agile, and brilliant mind. What would he do, to start a
    >process, where he does not have to do any more than he did in New York and
    >Washington? . Suppose his plan needed only this one strike.
    >He would depend upon our response to do all the work. Our response began
    >with the chaos, the rescues, and the expected American patriotism and the
    >urge to retaliation.
    >How he asked he can force us in to a position, where a "domino effect"
    >will occur? He assumes that the USA will escalate the issues,
    >without wanting to do so. If, he assumes that any military action
    >against Ben Laden impacts on Muslims, it will easily escalate into all
    >Muslims having total hatred ,where many are still on our side.
    >The mounting public opinion among the Muslims and ourselves, will
    >ultimately push them into his Jihad.
    >In Aikido, the idea is to use the enemy's strength to destroy himself. Do
    >not push pack. Let him go towards you, and you use that energy to destroy
    >himself. Is this the Ben Laden strategy? We cause our own destruction?
    >How can we stop this scenario?
    >I have been receiving calls from a friend in Australia, who has worked in
    >Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is quite concerned that by enraging Moslems,
    >the USA will indirectly, endanger both Australia, and the rest of the
    >West. Australia is a few miles from Indonesia, with the largest Muslim
    >population in the world. Any military move that hits any Muslims, besides
    >Ben Laden, will lead to anti-American and anti-our allies.
    >He feels, as I do that we have to be bold, with a Marshall Plan strategy,
    >which offer full and total aid to the Pakistanis consisting of food,
    >portable radios, clothing, water, medicines and more to help them deal
    >with refugees and rebuild. This can be aid, or as a bribe, as we are now
    >doing. To be effective, it must be dramatic and done immediately, with a
    >major speech, leaflets over Afghanistan, Voice of America broadcasts, and
    >the best PR job we can do.
    >The main complaint of the Islamic world is that we have ignored them, in
    >favor of Israel. The West can understand this as protecting our
    >security, but they cant. The anger, at America and the west, as seen on
    >CBS' 60 minutes, this evening, suggests that it may beyond the point of
    >turning it around. But, we have to try.

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