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From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 07:49:16 PDT

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    Dear reader: what follows may strike you (assuming you read it) as
    esoteric. I would agree. But, I send it along as one of those fanciful
    things I occasionally do, perhaps just to jar your minds, but perhaps
    there's more.

    It strikes me that what these folks are talking about goes ever so much
    deeper into the issues of meaning, truth, and everything, than we typically
    think about as we plot to write the Best Darn Collaboratory Ever Written.

    It also strikes me that we may not even be scratching the surface of what
    must be done.

    >From: James N Rose <integrity@ceptualinstitute.com>
    >Thommandel@aol.com wrote:
    > > Greetings.
    > >
    > > It has been announced that what our science had once considered empty
    > space,
    > > (see Ether) has been found experimentally to be the source of all
    > energy our
    > > Universe requires to maintain itself as a system.
    > >
    > > This is a extremely profound discovery because it entails a revision of all
    > > science, and that is only the start.
    > >
    > > We have a new member on our small list, Ervin Laszlo, author of the
    > book "The
    > > Interconnected Universe" If anyone knows about the INSIDE of space, Dr.
    > > Laszlo does.
    > >
    > > We should avail ourselves of this opportunity to ask Dr Laszlo questions.
    > >
    > > My question is: I understand that a Russian team was able to measure the
    > > magnetic field of a DNA particle. Quite a feat. But listen to this,
    > when the
    > > actual Particle is removed, the magnetic field remains. Has this been
    > > verified?
    > >
    > > tom
    >Greetings Dr. Laszlo, welcome back.
    >Tom, FYI, I know we are not the only ones looking into this, but a group of us
    >led by Prof Hitoshi Kitada of Japan have been actively examining this for
    >some time in an online list, with some efforts being made to broaden and
    >formalize the conversation with more people involved. Also, this is a
    >issue for pure and applied mathematics (and those fields as systems science
    >tools), that I devoted several chapters to in "Understanding the Integral
    >Universe" [at CI online], and have debated with many ISSS friends at
    >and online.
    >Translating the importance of such an esoteric topic for human experience:
    >Science currently lacks a conceptual, and with it, a usable symbolic model
    >(mathematical) for infinite and transfinite "possibility" spaces ..
    >options for
    >real behavior .. in terms that are open and unbounded (even if a seeming
    >'bounded' attractor basin is obviously presentor dominant).
    >Think of it like: habituation versus previously unconsidered alternatives.
    >Precondition thinking might consider a group of behaviors to be a defined and
    >closed set, rigid and fixed, rather than seeing them as an overpracticed group
    >within a much more viable open set of available alternatives.
    >To recognize information and room for behaviors .. whether internal to some
    >limit or external to one, content inside what seemed 'empty' and/or content
    >beyond what once seemed a 'fixed maximum'. Information and realities beyond
    >the inner and outer 'supposed limits' of thought. Several things are needed
    >re mathematics. One is for a symbolic tool that retains information during
    >simplification and cancellation operations. Another is to make division by
    >a calculable meaningful act rather than undefined and thus
    >inaccessible. There
    >are others, that will help with holistic systemic thinking.
    >I for one am very anxious to know more about Dr. Laszlo's work and ideas.

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