[unrev-II] Orchard and Groves

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 15:50:35 PDT

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    http://beauvoir.phil.unc.edu/groves/ the Orchard Swiki site

    "Orchard is an innovative, lightweight API for event stream and tree
    views of XML and data represented in XML. Orchard merges the best
    parts of SAX and DOM while greatly simplifying both at the same time."

    "How does Orchard differ from ISO Groves?
    More will be added as we get deeper into both our groves and ISO Groves.

    Namespace support for property names (node.{Namespace}PropName)
    Intrinsic properties are in the "grove namespace" (to be determined)
    Less strict data typing; Orchard can have any object type be a
    value of a property.
    Less association with SGML, XML, or ML in general (I think) and
    more focus on the data model "

    http://sourceforge.net/projects/orchard Orchard at sourceforge

    "Orchard is a data manipulation framework centered around "nodes". Nodes
    are quite similar to "objects" in most Object-Oriented languages but
    emphasize passive data models over methods and behaviors, or object models.
    Nodes in Orchard languages act just like native container classes -- hashes
    in Perl, objects in Python.
    On the surface, Orchard nodes provide a simple, consistent interface over a
    wide variety of data models, or "node sets", including, as examples, XML,
    RSS, SVG, MP3, MPEG, CDDB, etc., regardless of their on-disk storage format.
    Beneath the surface, however, Orchard nodes provide a rich set of features
    for manipulating nodes and node sets, including automatic de/serialization
    (typically XML), querying, transformation, validation, encapsulation, and
    cross-linking among disparate node sets.
    There are implementations of Orchard in Python, Perl, and C. The C
    implementation includes bindings for Perl and partially for C++. The C
    implementation goes a little beyond "C++ in C" (as used in Gnome and at the
    W3C) and adds a small preprocessor, virtual methods, garbage collection,
    and transparent bridging to other languages."

    Nothing about license found yet, even in the source code.

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