Rethinking Unrev (was Re: [unrev-II] Arundhati Roy's commentary on Sept 11 atrocity)

From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 21:14:29 PDT

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    Peter Jones, I, and others occasionally post messages to this forum that we
    think are valid reflections on the state of the world as it relates to
    Douglas Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution. Some of our posts do, indeed,
    reflect judgemental thoughts of others. I, for one, post them just as
    reminders of what is going on out there, with the specific intent that some
    aspects of what is posted become grist for future discussions related to
    the requirements posed on an OHS/DKR system; I do not post them to elicit
    the opinions of members of this forum on the particulars of what was posted.

    Perhaps it is time to remind ourselves of the nature of the Unfinished
    Revolution as Dr. Engelbart expresses it. I speak with the voice of an
    interpreter of Dr. Engelbart, not the voice of the man himself.

    Unrev is a revolution in the augmentation of human capabilities and the
    ultimate application of those augmented human capabilities to finding
    solutions to really tough, often extremely urgent problems. It has been
    said that humans have shown themselves more than capable of creating large
    messes, and it remains an open question whether humans have the intellect
    to clean up those messes.

    It is also known that humans have demonstrated the capability to mine
    resources from this planet, and engineer those resources into products
    against which this planet cannot evolve defenses fast enough.

    It is also, in my understanding of the unfinished revolution as we proceed
    with it in this forum, not our job to solve those problems. Rather, it is
    our mission to be aware of those problems, and to understand them to the
    extent that we just might be able to plant the genetic seeds of some tools
    which will co-evolve with us (humans) in the quest for solutions.

    Bringing up topics related to current events can easily enflame passions
    related to personal views on various topics. For my part, I do not wish to
    see this forum become the center of those passions and resulting pissing
    contests. If this forum does turn out to be the host for such events, then
    this forum will have failed in being an approach to the satisfaction of Dr.
    Engelbart's vision. I will not be interested in contributing to a forum
    which drops to such depths of great passions. My only passion is to design
    and build the tools Dr. Engelbart has envisioned.

    Speaking now just for myself, let me request of those members of this forum
    who experience great passion related to topics other than the evolution of
    tools for the augmentation of human capabilities, please refrain from
    expression of such views here in this forum. I believe that I am making
    the case that the following posts are, at once, partially, and not at all
    related to any specific requirements that an OHS might have. I can see the
    opportunity to discuss ways in which an OHS could make it easier for users
    to understand the nature of rights and responsibilities in various
    cultures. It is also clear that those cultures which choose to openly
    discuss representation of their internal structures within an OHS
    environment will be contributing greatly to a better understanding between
    humans on earth, and thus, they will be contributing to the solutions that
    Unrev seeks.

    Jack Park

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    > > > Itīs not a citizenīs duty give me a strict evidence, only obey the Police
    > > Arrest Order.
    > >
    > > Till your Police Department to declare these evidences.
    > >
    >In the Procedure and to the Judge. The Judge can declare the Producere
    >like Secret. Itīs our defense against terrorists :)
    > > > For democratic muslims
    > >
    > > All these papers in the site you sent are opinions of their writers. For
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    >Sorry, I believe that Islam itīs more serious affair.
    >This page itīs about democracy against terrorism and extremist in the
    >Islam ( Yihad Islamists ).
    >God itīs The Peace.

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