[unrev-II] Workshop for online mediation

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 09:36:38 PDT

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    This workshops description reads like a review of the Unrev II
    lectures. The program listing itself enumerates many of the kids of issues
    placed in front of an OHS/DKR implementation.


    Achieving sustainable development is an issue of increasing importance.
    Against the background of rapid development and dissemination of advanced
    information and communication technologies (ICT), a critical question is
    how to make effective use of the potential of ICT to faciliate the
    ecological, economic, and social goals of sustainable development?

     From an institutional point of view, strategies must be developed for
    enhancing citizen participation, fostering new forms of dispute resolution,
    and balancing interests. Computer-supported participation and conflict
    resolution might be a new and important option for developing information
    societies, to deal with the complex and conflict-ridden goals of
    sustainable development, to find constructive solutions in the context of
    Local Agenda 21 processes, and to facilitate sustainable city and regional

    Question and objectives
    The goal of the workshop is to provide an overview of the current state of
    development and use of software in the field of dispute resolution.
    Therefore, the main questions of the workshop are:
    Which software tools for Online Dispute Resolution are available?
    For which fields of application have these tools been developed?
    How have these tools been used in practice and with what results
    and effects?
    Not only software tools and procedures for e-government domains, such as
    environmental mediation, will be considered, but also tools which are in
    use for helping to resolve conflicts in the private sector:
     From negotiation tools for simple, bilateral conflicts (Blind-Bidding
    Systems, Automatized Procedures) up to tools for supporting collaborative
    work in the context of complex, multilateral conflicts (international
    mediation, environmental mediation). Software for mediation processes which
    are to be carried out exclusively on the net, as well as applications which
    are embedded in procedures which combine face-to-face meetings with phases
    of computer-mediated communication. We are also interested in contributions
    about the social issues to be considered when designing and deploying such

    Further Goals
    The goal of the workshop is to transfer and apply tools, concepts, methods
    and other results from the general world of Online Dispute Resolution to
    the specific problems of the field of computer-supported environmental
    conflict resolution:
    Which software tools for Online Mediation can be useful for
    computer-supported conflict resolution in city and regional planning and why?
    Which particular functions or features of existing tools are of
    particular interest for computer-supported environmental conflict
    Which issues require further research and development? "

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