[unrev-II] Global Brain discussion (Fwd: RE: New Subscriber: Tony Thomas)

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 06:31:02 PDT

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    How might the thoughts expressed here play out in OHS-think?

    >From: "Kim Cosmos" <kimcosmos@yahoo.com>
    >To: <gbrain@listserv.vub.ac.be>
    >Just a quick reply
    >Habermas describes in his classic "A theory of communicative action" how our
    >shared life world has been colonised. He was talking about how our common
    >understandings are hugely moderated by mass media and acceptable "expert
    >opinion". This also relates to the idea of memes where as Lori Anderson said
    >Language is a virus. This is agravated by being pack animals (with the
    >public tendencies of chimps and private tendencies of bonobos). Consequently
    >if you are a high status opinion leader eg US media you can declare world
    >war on one country when 6000 die but withdraw 400 peacekeepers when 100,000
    >rwandans are being killed and have people think that is reasonable global
    >behaviour. The big difference is the net is developing opinion leading -
    >based on respect rather than presentation, freqency and volume. Take googles
    >ranking by community cross reference for example.
    >There is an old SF story called "The machine stops" like you describe the
    >hive by E.M. Forster, probably out of copyright.
    >Freedom is a matter of power to creatively actualise our desires. "Power
    >to", subsumes "power over" or "power with".
    >Slavery then is a matter of class. Todays wage slaves and greek slaves had
    >similar rights. Modern slavery was the barbaric exception. People trade off
    >independance/self sufficiency for power to create. Of course we want equal
    >opportunity and that is what we are rapidly losing. My concern is that the
    >global brain will be built by executives with AI executive agents. They will
    >move their competition into the new communication mechanism. The ruling
    >class will still have the nepotism/meritocracy struggle but when you can buy
    >intelligence alliances are more important than ability. We won't be entering
    >eden as equals, I hope it aint worse.
    >The past is determined, the present uncertain but the future is free (if
    >somewhat limited).
    >BTW I am in Melbourne -kimcosmos@yahoo.com
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    >In this analogy, the monads, or human brains, are acting without much
    >communication, but discussion of last nights television viewing is an
    >example of local interchange and processing
    >of commonly acquired information. All this is hardly different from village
    >gossip about shared local events.
    >What, then, is new about linking millions of human brains in the global
    >network of the Internet?
    >How small a step it would be to give ourselves up to dependence on the
    >inevitable superorganism.
    >Resistance is useless, as the determinit well knows. The only hope for
    >freedom in the future is
    >by the grace of accident or systemic failure of future super organic beings.
    >It seems incongruous that only one great cyberorganism should arise. Is it
    >not more likely that there will be a phase of many such organisms, competing
    >as species and nation states have done before? This depends on the ability
    >of large systems to obtain the necessary stabilty for their long term
    >The issues for future humanity are great indeed.
    >The solution is the demise of humanity as we know it.

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