Warp was Re: [unrev-II] Lucid Thinking

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 07:16:24 PDT

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    While navigating TouchGraph, I stumbled on the BlackArts node. Going there
    (double clicking the node), I stumbled on
    Here's some stuff on it (a perl script):

    "At the beginning of the semester I posted the following as my plan for a
    special topic area presentation:
    For a special topic, something along these lines: How can machine based
    tools/information resources be used to augment human brains (for example,
    to do lists for remembering things you need to do but manage to forget) and
    what are the issues of classification, representation and accessibility
    that Help
    or hinder the effective use of such tools? As I get closer and pick up a
    few things that broad area will probably narrow somewhat.
    The notion of augmenting human brains quickly led to the writings of
    Vannevar Bush and Douglas Engelbart. Ted Nelson followed. Eric Drexler
    provides cogent overviews of their issues and presents a clear
    justification for hypertext.
    Given this tumble towards hypertext I decided that my project should be a
    hypertext system that demonstrates some of the benefits and problems in
    hypertext systems. I already had warp available from previous
    experimenting. I realized, initially, that it would provide a good system
    for the required glossary. After some experimentation I discovered that
    placing all the content either at the top entries into warp or inside the
    warp database would provide an effective demonstration of several aspects
    of hypertext:
    Navigational confusion
    Author and authority confusion
    Unexpected discovery of interrelations between things
    The ability to make copious references and the value such context
    generation" provides
    Warp also provides a measure of interactivity that can help the readers
    make the abstract concepts displayed in the project more concrete. "

    At 01:44 AM 10/8/2001 -0400, you wrote:
    >Come see the latest TouchGraph visualization of the memes.net
    >database. http://www.touchgraph.com/memes.net.html
    >I am storing the memes.net db locally, while Stephen has a chance to
    >integrate the new applet.
    >The current implementation requires you to download the whole 400K
    >database, so be patient.

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