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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 13:57:35 PDT

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    Bernard Vatant wrote:

    > For little business and independent workers, 35 hours/week is a
    > joke: till both computer(s) and cell phone(s) are not off, they are at
    > work, even at night and at home :))

    Shucks. Well it sounded nice.

    Seriously, though, this is one of those issues where attempting to
    legislate the solution in advance is likely to be ineffective --
    will only move in that direction when it makes sense -- and it will
    only make sense when it becomes a matter of dire need. Then it
    will happen immediately.

    That brings up another issue though -- the need for a national
    labor union. Several thoughts combined just this second to
    engender that concept:

      * A friend was just laid off at HP -- one of many very senior
         people in a critical business division. Taking the opportunity
         to lay off senior people saved high salaries, retirement
         expenses, and probably saved on health insurance.But how
         moral is that?

      * Similarly, businesses sell tobacco and *really* unhealthy food
         (to the point of being quite literally poisonous). And that's
         not in the best interest of workers and their families.

    So what's needed is a system of checks and balances that puts
    reins on business, in the same way that we eventually figured
    out we need to have on governments. I believe labor unions are
    part of that solution, although it is not exactly clear how they
    must be checked and balanced, as well. (The centers of legalized
    extortion that labor unions became in the last century were as
    much a problem as the worker-exploiting businesses they

    A national labor union, that you became a part of the minute you
    took a job anywhere, might just be part of an effective solution.

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