[unrev-II] ThinkCycle: Open Source Collaborative Design

From: John J. Deneen (jjdeneen@netzero.net)
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 12:23:16 PDT

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    ThinkCycle strives to remain a non-profit and collaborative open source
    design initiative.
    "The Internet allows us to link millions of people worldwide and to
    solve computationally intensive problems by using the spare processor
    cycles of thousands of computers. We have not, however, developed an
    analogous method for using the creative "thinkcycles" of people
    everywhere to work on the challenges of our communities and the
    environment. We are looking at ways in which the open-source
    collaborative software analogy can be applied to the design of physical
    things. In particular, we are looking at how this could be used to
    accelerate the design and adoption of appropriate technologies in
    developing nations.

    "ThinkCycle" is being developed as a online collaboration tool for
    problem specification and evolving design solutions. An associated
    design studio called "Design that Matters" was conducted with
    inter-disciplinary teams in spring 2001 to explore such collaborative
    projects and approaches."
    more info ...
    < http://www.thinkcycle.org/intro/>
    < http://www-tech.mit.edu/V121/N30/30devbydesign.30n.html >

    To add content go to the Live PRODUCTION Site
    < http://www.thinkcycle.org >

    ThinkCycle Topics: Problem Domains & Evolving Design Solutions
    "Topics are the overarching themes that provide space for discussion of
    problem domains, creation of well-posed challenges, and development of
    evolving design solutions. Each topic discussion forum is moderated by
    editors who are experts nominated for this topic. Members contribute
    shared resources, ideas, discuss challenges and design concepts within a
    topic. A shared filespace allows members to exchange all relevant

    Select a topic to browse recent news, messages, challenges and
    resources. Examine or create new challenges and design concepts, with
    guidance from the topic editor and peer review from others. When a new
    topic is created, it automatically generates an associated Message Board
    and Filespace, along with categories of Notes. Note: Active Topics are
    those consisting of existing notes, ongoing discussions and images in
    the topic photo album.
    < http://www.thinkcycle.org:8000/tc-topics/ >

    ThinkCycle Lite prototype (visual proof of concept); get Flash Player to
    view the TC-Lite Prototype
    < http://www.thinkcycle.org/tc-lite/FlashPlayer.exe >
    < http://www.thinkcycle.org/tc-lite/ThinkCycle-Lite.swf >

    ThinkCycle Lite - Abstract
    "ThinkCycle Lite was used as a test case for the development of an
    ultra-simplified interface for the ThinkCycle System. The ThinkCycle
    Lite prototype (visual proof of concept) was created by Benjamin Wolfe
    during July and August 2001. The changes
    implemented into ThinkCycle Lite were designed to facilitate its use by
    teenagers and young adults. As it is currently unfeasible to create a
    “Second ThinkCycle” a.k.a. ThinkCycle Lite, the best features from it
    will be implemented in ThinkCycle Proper."
    < http://www.thinkcycle.org/tc-lite/ThinkCycle-Lite.pdf >

    This is a Development Site for Testing Purposes Only: Do not add your
    content here, but feel free to try out and 'crash-test' the site, and
    send us your comments.
    < http://www.thinkcycle.org:8000/>

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