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From: Simon Buckingham Shum (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 05:55:47 PDT

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    Going back a little to an earlier exchange:

    At 3:27 PM -0400 9/28/01, Alex Shapiro wrote:
    >Also, I checked out the ScholOnto project and I am very impressed.
    >I especially like the goals outlined in section 4.2 of this paper:
    >"ScholOnto: An Ontology-Based Digital Library Server for Research
    >Documents and Discourse"
    >I think that the approach taken for creating a semantic network from
    >existing publications is right on target.
    >What seems a little strange to me, is ScholOnto's goal of
    >facilitating discussions about the scholarly works, while at the
    >same time diagramming the works being discussed. It seems that
    >creating semantic maps out of existing documents, and facilitating
    >graphical discussions are distinct enough tasks to deserve separate
    >applications. For instance, I could imagine an independent forum
    >where scholarly papers are discussed, and where one could post links
    >to existing papers. Such a forum would certainly benefit from a
    >back end where the scientific papers are also diagrammed, but it
    >would not require it.

    ScholOnto is not just about supporting discussions about documents,
    but about augmenting the publication and analysis of literatures, and
    a community's collective perception of its structure. Hence, it is
    important to represent not only argumentation relations, but the
    objects of argument as well, namely, the concepts behind the papers.
    Moreover, since we regard a research document as a (quite chunky)
    contribution to an ongoing debate, it's important to represent what
    the nature of that contribution is. Having said that, we're not
    emphasising that researchers have to make the micro-structure of the
    arguments in their papers explicit - too much overhead. We just want
    some key concepts and connections to other docts. The detail remains
    in textual form.

    Another of our motivations is that ScholOnto is a retrieval system
    for documents
    that explores a different document model to the feature space model proposed
    by Salton in the 1970s which is now reaching a state of optimality with some
    of the search engines that can rank the results of text based search with
    very precisely. ScholOnto should allow us to explore
    1) informed users' ideas about what documents claim
    2) relationships between documents
    3) and finally the meta level of the subjects and concepts that are being
    explored by research communities

    Simon & Victoria

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