Re: [unrev-II] readings list for engelbart issues class?

Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 19:46:35 PDT

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    On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Stephen Danic wrote:

    > Hi Chris. How are your other projects coming? I was really looking forward
    > to seeing the further development of both Arts and Warp. Any progress?

    Let's just say those things have been suffering from "is this going to
    be on the exam" syndrome. Lately if it hasn't been directly related to
    school it has been relegated to the back burner. I've been doing a lot
    of thinking about both tools (mostly about integrating them) but no

    Someone has provided a patch to Arts which allows the replacement of
    an existing doc over the mail. I've not had a chance to add that and
    making a new release, as I wanted to make it a configurable option, so
    it needs some tweaking.

    I'm at decision point with Arts. Right now it uses straight text for
    everything, which makes it very easy to install, with few extras
    required. Using a database backend would make it considerably more
    flexible in terms of how the information could be represented both
    internally and externally but would destroy the easiness factor.

    I guess I could maintain both.

    If I go the database direction I'd like to make the document
    management layer more abstract and have the database style of
    management be a subclass of that layer.

    Using a database to store the docs would make including Warp a lot

    All of these ideas may see some light in the Spring when I'm taking
    fewer classes and trying to get these projects, which motivated me to
    go back to school in the first place, back into my focus.

    > Now that Alex has created Touchgraph, you may want to consider it as a free
    > visualization engine for your projects.

    I'll probably be taking a java based information visualization course
    in the Spring in which I hope to do if not exactly that, then
    something very close.

    > As a result of promiscuous collaboration, Open Source projects are looking
    > more and more like expensive knowledge management systems. I'm not sure what
    > InXight, Lotus K-station or The Brain EKP offer beyond what Wiki, Warp,
    > Everything and Lucid provide, given the right visualization layer.


    Speaking of Wiki: this has probably been mentioned before, but is
    there a place where I can find some comparisons of the various Wiki
    engines out there? I'd like to do some feature comparisons.

    Chris Dent  <>

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