[unrev-II] Leaving SourceForge

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 09:26:23 PDT

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    "The financial situation for VA Linux looks bleak. Those of us who depend
    on SourceForge for development are, or should be, getting worried. Already,
    one of the core services provided by SourceForge has fallen into "no longer
    being maintained". It seems prudent to develop back-up plans.
    Of course, it's possible that SourceForge will continue to function
    smoothly. It wouldn't be at all unexpected for a company with a large stake
    in open source to take it over. However, many of the dot-com closings have
    been abrupt, taking even employees by surprise. Ghostscript, for example,
    simply cannot afford this disruption.
    Free software is robust and decentralized enough that I doubt the closing
    of SourceForge will have much long-term impact. If nothing else, it will
    result in a much needed "garbage collection" of hopeless projects. All
    projects worth their salt will find a new home without much difficulty."

    Further down the page, a response from the sourceforge.net manager

    "My name is Patrick McGovern and I manage SourceForge.net.
    I wanted to take a few moments to reply to some of the comments in this
    I think there is quite a bit of confusion.
    About SourceForge.net. SourceForge.net is not going away. VA is not going
    away. The company as well as the technology sector is having a hard time
    right now, but the company has the money and resources to be around for the
    long haul.
    SourceForge.net is growing. The number of projects, users and pageviews
    continue to grow. The site is getting additional resources (not less) to be
    successful. We recently added 70 servers. We've added systems to the
    compile farm. We are adding to the number of download servers.
    We are hiring. I need talented folks to work on the site. If you are a
    skilled DBA send me your resume. (pat at sourceforge.net)
    If you do have concerns, by all means back up your code. I think it's a
    prudent thing to do anyway. The SourceForge.net team creates tarballs every
    night that are downloadable.....you can download a copy of your code
    anytime you want. "

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