Re: [unrev-II] "purple numbers" -- use of, hierarchical

From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 14:08:05 PST

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    * Eric Armstrong <> [011029 13:47]:
    > [...]
    > 4) For efficiency, systems probably need to maintain a translation
    > table that
    > maps nodeIDs --> hierarchical IDs. (Or maybe not. Not sure.)

    The Augment that I have used had the HIDs turned on by default, but the
    NIDS hidden. There were viewspec commands to optionally turn them on or
    off independently. It seemed to me from my use and reading the manuals
    that Doug gave me that standard practice was to use HIDS instead of NIDS
    specifically for some of the reasons Eric mentioned above, at least in
    the defalt Augment setup for new users. What was used in practice by
    experienced users? I hope an experienced user on this list is able to
    share this.

    So in this way, the choice of addressing was left up to the users
    because they have different semantic meanings.

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