Re: [unrev-II] Web collaboration effort fights terrorism

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 16:53:20 PST

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    Henry K van Eyken wrote:

    > ...I think it would be useful if a volunteer among us comes forward to
    > devote himself (herself) to assess, even if only to a preliminary
    > extent, what is going on in the world of OHS-comparable
    > technologies...

    Sorry. But this sounds to me like a huge waste of time. There are
    multiple groups out there who are funded and working on things. If we
    to do something useful, being the discussion group we are, then I
    we provide some papers to help them think about what they should be

    At this point, that looks like about as much of a contribution as we'll
    able to make. I've enjoyed interacting with the members of this group,
    its looking very much as though, in 6 or 8 years, we'll be able to say
    "we waved our hands to an extent sufficient to anticipate that" -- and
    that we'll
    be able to do that regardless of what gets developed, because, since we
    never actually built anything, our hand-waving will be equally
    applicable to
    a wide variety of actual implementations.

    Don't get me wrong, I love chewing the fat and discussing alternatives.
    But I've been here before. I had written my first Outlining prototype at

    Data General (using directories, file names, and naming conventions for
    files like:
      O_actionItem (yet to be done), and
      X_actionItem (completed)
      Z_actionItem (pending)

    That was the point I was at when I started hearing earlier rumors of
    ThinkTank, and I started organizing a few friends to make it happen
    (building the second prototype in (shudder) basic). Three years later,
    we had one out the door -- but we were about two years too late.

    I'm seeing enough activity along these lines to know that if we started
    today, odds are we'd still be too late to capture significant mind share

    by the time we were done implementing. So I see publication and
    persuasion as the only viable way to have any impact, at this point.

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