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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 08:31:52 PST

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    Wow. Great hearing from you, Lee.

    Its wonderful hearing about everthing you've been doing, and
    all that's been happening!

    Go Nodal!!

    Lee Iverson wrote:

    > About time I got off my butt and let everyone know what's up. First
    > things first. Hello from wet and rainy Vancouver B.C. For those who
    > haven't been following the saga (and I'm definitely to blame for
    > making that difficult) Alison, Maxwell and I moved back to Canada at
    > the end of August. Alison has a new Faculty position at the
    > University of British Columbia, and we've always said that we'd head
    > back. Seemed like a good time for it, and we were happy to be coming
    > home again.
    > We are living on campus at UBC, so most everything is ridiculously
    > convenient. Alison walks to work (about 7 minutes), Maxwell and I
    > walk to his daycare (about 5 minutes) and there are cafes and even a
    > golf course just around the corner (sweet). Maxwell has transitioned
    > well into his new life here (a wonderful daycare and a very lively
    > bunch of kids to play with in our apartment complex) and is busy
    > making every effort to learn how to read. Alison has been busy
    > writing grant proposals and teaching a (can you believe this) a
    > hands-on nursing skills lab for this first semester. The only thing
    > that can really be said is that almost anything else will be easier.
    > But she is generally pretty excited and exhausted.
    > Comes to me, I guess. The plan when I left SRI was that I would
    > continue to work on a part time basis on existing projects and any new
    > opportunities that came up. Seemed like a fine idea at the time and I
    > actually spent the last two weeks in CA writing a proposal for
    > continuation of some of the Digital Earth work. To make a long story
    > short, that arrangement hasn't worked out. The AIC is in a pretty
    > deep financial hole, progress in getting money out of Washington
    > drastically slowed down in September, and a big NSF proposal that we
    > submitted in February was just rejected. I'm still officially on
    > leave, but it does seem as if my time with SRI is really pretty much
    > over.
    > That said, I haven't been sitting on my hands. I've been doing a lot
    > of reading, research and coding. I'm continuing work on the NODAL
    > design and prototype(s) (see if you're curious)
    > and been making a lot of contacts here in town. At this point, I've
    > submitted applications to both UBC (Dept. of Elec. and Computer Eng.)
    > and SFU (CS). I've been in contact with a number of local companies,
    > given a couple of talks, and established a relationship with the New
    > Media Innovation Centre (an brand-new kind of Media Lab Canada). In
    > fact last week I had a very productive visit with the CS Dept. at SFU,
    > on Tuesday I had a full day interview for a faculty position at UBC,
    > and yesterday a sit down with NewMIC executives regarding funding and
    > interaction opportunities. So, I'm actively moving forward and things
    > are actually looking pretty good. With the kind of work I'm
    > interested in doing, I'm pretty happy at the possibility of a faculty
    > position and the people I've met up here, both in industrial and
    > academic settings, have been very interesting and (luckily)
    > interested.
    > All that said, we had a blast on Halloween yesterday and all three of
    > us were complemented on our costumes and willingness to get right out
    > there. I was a red-headed, kilted Viking, Alison a biker chick and
    > Maxwell a mischievous little monkey (a real stretch). Pictures will
    > have to follow, I imagine.
    > So, I'm ready to re-engage with the world now, and am becoming a
    > little desperate for some good, stimulating conversation both online
    > and in person. Anyone interested in visiting, please feel welcome.
    > The ski hills will be opening soon and the golf courses stay open all
    > winter. And since we've found a willing baby sitter now (not to
    > mention the relative proximity of my relatives), some of the night
    > life is open to us as well.
    > --
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