Re: [unrev-II] VPN

From: Ihsan Ali Al Darhi (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 19:05:38 PST

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    > Can you elaborate on your views of VPN?

    As to VPN's, they are a way for two or more computers to establish a secure
    connection over a public or open network. They allow a company to move its
    network out onto the internet and still be secure. If a company has 100
    people around the world who do their work at home but still need access to
    the company network, they can all log on to the network over the internet
    and it acts like a WAN. The whole idea is to simulate the WAN but do it
    with internet connections as opposed to having direct lines between the
    company and the remote machines. It also allows a company to set up things
    like 'Data Warehouses' in places that are removed from the companies main
    servers All access is done over the internet. The key is that they are
    relatively secure( no network is 100 secure if it can be accessed by the
    outside world.) and are easily accessed from afar.


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