Re: [unrev-II] CVS Virtual File System

From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 04:27:37 PST

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    --- Jack Park <> wrote:
    > GPL
    > "This provides a package which presents the CVS
    > contents as mountable file
    > system.

    This sounds like what ClearCase from Rational Software
    already does. Before the untimely end of my last job,
    I was working on a development team that used
    ClearCase for its Source Control System. I found it
    very intuitive since it was just like working in a
    shared file system (except where it wasn't ;-).

    All of us working on the same branch shared the source
    that had been checked in. But if someone was working
    on something, and therefore had it checked out, they
    were the only ones that saw the checked out version.
    Once the change was made, the source compiled without
    error, and the developer thought it worked, they
    checked it back in and then it was available for
    everyone else's builds.

    As far as the usefulness of the concept, I became
    convinced that this is how all file systems should
    work. This isn't just something useful for software
    developers. This caused me to look into something that
    I think has been mentioned on this list, reiserfs. My
    recollection there is that Reiser et al had the idea
    of growing their fs into a versioning system. But this
    work stalled due to lack of money. They do claim that
    the fs works better than most for large files, so they
    didn't totally waste their time.

    But smaller granularity has been an issue for this
    group for some time. And while the concept of a file
    system with file-level versioning built in is very
    useful in my experience, I'm not sure how it
    translates into page level, paragraph level, or
    sentence level granularity.

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