Representational Literacy (was Re: [unrev-II] Re: Can IBIS be useful for individual/asynchronous collaboration?)

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Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 08:05:27 PST

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    Simon, it seems to me, has provided a segue into a more generalized view of
    the issues underlying dialog mapping and the IBIS paradigm. I have taken
    the liberty to fork the thread to represent the more generalized view,
    though I think that the IBIS thread should continue; indeed, some really
    inspired discussion is going on there.

    At 11:46 AM 11/8/2001 +0000, Simon wrote:
    >There's only so much a good user interface can do. I want to flag the
    >issue of *representational literacy*. Radical new knowledge tools
    >will require new literacies. But we also want to get them adopted.
    >One response to this is to argue that they must therefore not be too
    >radical a break from what we know. Another is to help people see the
    >potential of the new tools as demonstrated by fluent 'masters', so
    >that they then want to do it themselves. The best is of course a
    >hybrid. An example of this is to assist import/export to dialogue
    >mapping from/to other everyday tools that are familiar.

    I suspect that *representational literacy* is lurking in the shadows of
    everything the OHS/DKR vision is about. It makes sense to pay attention to
    the many kinds of literacy required just to make adequate use of and even
    develop the technologies we discuss. It further seems to me that the entire
    spectrum of human augmentation technologies being discussed here involve
    some aspect or form of *informal learning* process, and that particular
    process implies an evolving representational literacy.

    Googling *representational literacy* turns out to be very valuable.

    A paper by Simon and Al turns up:
    Collaborative Sense-Making in Design: Involving Stakeholders via
    Representational Morphing which is available
    in pdf format. is the URL that describes "Teaching
    and Learning about representations". Just looking at these titles suggests
    further sessions with my friend, google.

    Overview of Meta-Representational Competence Research. Bruce
    Sherin, Northwestern University
    Understanding and Negotiating Different Representational Design
    Spaces. Flavio S. Azevedo, UC, Berkeley
    Students' Criteria for Representational Adequacy. Andrea A.
    diSessa, UC, Berkeley
    Representational Literacy: Here, There, and Everywhere. Rafael
    Granados, UC, Berkeley


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