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    Thanks for this pointer Jack. I'd like to comment on the point of
    revolutionizing education through technology even though I understand that
    this was not the main point of your post. The passage that caught my
    attention was:

    "Rather it is a work which applies what we know about how people learn to
    the design of computer software that can revolutionize the schools."

    In Switzerland, the public shcools are under the authority of each canton
    (euqivalent to a state in the US). The canton of Vaud, where I live, decided
    a few years ago to completely change its pedagogy. In about 5 or 6 years
    they have moved from classical education to what some call

    Children now learn through problems and games that they need to solve
    themselves, most often in teams of 2 or more. They learn how to reason and
    transfer knowledge rather than digest information. There are no grades
    anymore but appreciations which are used in a holistic way to help the child
    rather than judge them. This means a lot more work for the teachers who need
    to adapt to the needs of the children rather than follow a standard program.

    The interesting point for this discussion is that there is a computer in
    every classroom (at least in my village's school) but it is not the focus of
    attention. It is there as yet another tool for learning through playing.

    The whole revolution didn't center around technology at all. It was about
    the ideas and the ways to implement them. The debate about the consequences
    and implications of this change is still very active. Some people hate this
    new system and some love it. I side with the second category.



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