Re: [unrev-II] HyperJournal (a potential OHS/DKR case study concludes: we need new "headware")

From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 13:05:29 PST

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    The genie is out of the bottle ... it can't be ignored, but now we need new

    "Now we happen to believe that the most powerful technology in the classroom
    was, is and will remain a classroom teacher Ė a teacher with a love of
    learning, an appreciation of the aesthetic, a deep understanding of how
    students learn. We further believe that we could put a state of the art piece
    of technology on the desk of every teacher and student in every classroom in
    the country, and if thatís

    Imagine for a momentÖ
    What if Napster puts K-12 education in its sites? What would happen if we
    moved to a model of peer-to-peer learning? What would happen if we moved to a
    model where learners searched on-line for learning and/or information
    resources using a Napster-like service? What would learning look like?

    Letís consider for a moment a student who comes home with their homework.
    Imagine that they need help in writing a report on polychloride stemming,
    interpreting the Declaration of Independence, comprehending osmosis,
    interpreting the artwork of Picasso or trinomial equations but they donít have
    immediate access to the expertise of an instructor.

    What if, instead, they log on to a Napster-like service and do a global search
    for expertise in their desired area from all of the users and resources
    organized by this service. The search provides a list of free and for-fee
    sources of instruction from around
    the world. The student identifies an appropriate resource and downloads or
    runs an on-demand on-line digital lecture. The student listens, pauses to take
    notes, replays parts that they donít understand, or jumps back or ahead to
    increase that understanding. (As an aside the kinds of services that this
    could provide have profound implications for the rising voucher debate and it
    doesnít stop there ... but thatís for another day and another time.)

    Now letís consider using Ananova as a tutor. How about a student with math
    homework who needs help understanding trinomial equations. The student calls
    up an Ananova, an on-line interactive virtual math tutor and asks questions of
    her. Ananova responds with a detailed explanation complete with facial
    gestures, and then waits for verbal confirmation from the student that the
    concepts have been
    understood before continuing. At the same time, Ananova also provides
    graphical representations of how trinomial equations are used in the real
    world, and provides connections on the Web to real life illustrations of work
    that uses trinomial equations. Is this possible? Itís beyond possible, itís an
    absolute certainty."
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    For further information, contact:
    Ian Jukes, The InfoSavvy Group;
    5142 Robinson Place, Peachland, BC V0H 1X1
    (250) 767-2971 (office) (250) 767-2945 (fax)
    E-mail: Web site:

    Ted McCain, Associate Director. Thornburg Center for Professional Development
    26855 - 108th Avenue, Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada V2W 1P4
    (604) 462-8586
    E-mail: Web site:

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