Re: [unrev-II] A Small Quiz with Big Ideas

From: Jack Park (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 12:32:16 PST

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    At 11:55 AM 11/13/2001 -0800, Rod wrote:
    <snippage tres massive/>
    >We will be stuck forever, until and
    >unless we look deeper than the notion of information, and grasp the
    >spectacle of
    >So, my recommendation to solve Eric's dilemma on 011003 asking for a
    >better way
    >of analyzing daily working information is to start anew with fundamentals of
    >information from knowledge.

    Fundamentals of information from knowledge. Now, there's something you
    don't see every day!
    The line I have seen drawn was this graph that ranged (left to right) from
    information to wisdom, with knowledge somewhere in between. But, we use
    our knowledge to create more information (e.g. this post) which can remain
    only information until interpreted by another knowledge-based system (e.g.

    Rod, your post (assuming you didn't mean "knowledge from information") is
    strongly suggestive of getting back to *story telling*, or
    narratology. Now, to tie that back to Henry, it would seem that he appears
    to be going that direction already. Indeed, google-surf "story telling
    learning" will get you 465 thousand hits, the first page of which look
    quite appropriate to unrev-think.

    ps: consider moving this discussion over to ba-unrev-talk since the
    unrev-II list will soon end.

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