[unrev-II] A Small Quiz with Big Ideas Continual Learning

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 16:23:11 PST

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    There seems to be pretty good alignment in our discussion, so to avoid
    complacency will take slight issue on a narrow point.

    I kind of think that more "factory-based" teaching would be helpful, if directed
    toward strengthening literacy. In other words, formal education drums into kids
    the ability to manipulate patterns with the ABCs and mathematics that provide
    underlying tools for learning everything else. This increases the ability to be
    creative and productive by an order of magnitude.

    The opportunity for major advance is to apply the rigor achieved in spreadsheets
    for mathematical analysis, to improve narrative analysis with a spreadsheet for
    knowledge. Your ideas about ontology, and Eugene's efforts with dialog mapping
    contribute to this goal. Once the skills are added to augment curriculum for
    alphabet technology, thereafter, the teacher largely facilitates students in
    capturing daily events and connecting things up into chronologies of cause and
    effect showing alignment with objectives, requirements and commitments,
    beginning with daily assignments. The actual process is quite simple.
    Developing organic structure is new because humans organize their stories
    implicitly. Yet, it turns out there are some straight forward rules that
    simplify the task.

    Acquiring the habit, practice and frame of mind to capture personal and
    organizational integrated memory, is the essence of POIMS that enables continual
    learning by turning daily events into continual case studies for guiding
    action. Growing a lot of people with this additional increment of skill to
    supplement traditional literacy has the same potential for advancing the nation,
    as was achieved with universal education for literacy begun in about the 1850s.

    I am not certain, but it would not necessarily present a big change in a
    teacher's basic scope of work. It would be different for children; but, adding
    intelligence to daily activity should make learning faster, easier and more
    fun. Whether to introduce this new skill in the 1st grade, 7th grade, 10th
    grade, or in college requires experimentation to discover.

    Making learning and being productive on the job more fun, is a big step toward
    lifting civilization that helps everyone.



    Jack Park wrote:
    > At 02:36 PM 11/13/2001 -0800, Rod wrote:
    > >People resist investing time to
    > >understand the story, because it seems faster and easier in the moment to
    > rely
    > >on impressions from information, ...
    > Like the prime-time news (headline) broadcast. Unless we get beyond that,
    > not much will happen on the grand problem solving front. Which is why I
    > choose to toss my efforts at fixing (whatever that means) learning
    > environments. You're right, Rod. It strikes me that the best (whatever
    > that means) learning environments are those that will burden the teachers
    > (read: learning facilitators) far more than the factory-based learning
    > environments do now.
    > Jack
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