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Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 19:25:29 PST

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    > Jack Park wrote:
    > > *Alias* is just another way of remaining anonymous if you choose not
    > > to reveal your identity.
    > But with the ability to put deposits into a "credibility account"

    Exactly. Well put.

    > without deficits to
    > other accounts one may have in other arenas.

    ... no matter how capable one might be in those other areas.

    Interesting point. Yep, Americans distrust polymaths. Merely
    "over-publishing" can make you look like "just a writer" instead
    of a *real* expert. (Americans have trouble wrapping their mind
    around someone like Paderewski. I mean: Prime Minister
    Paderewski, *and* a peerless pianist? Naw, can't be. Musta
    been a lousy pianist....)


    Nicholas Carroll
    "The hardest single part of building a software system
    is deciding precisely what to build." -- Frederick Brooks

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